Saturday, September 18, 2010

US Team Training Camp by Buck Davidson and Andrea Leatherman

Today we had the option to have a dressage lesson with either Mark Phillips or Oded Shimoni. Since I have been working with Oded for several years and he has been great with Reggie particularly this last year, I opted for the lesson with Oded. The day before Reggie was good, but still just a little tight from the weekend before. Today we really zoned in on finding what kind of warmup would give me the best horse for the test and then worked on specific movements. I feel everything is really getting fine tuned.

AFter watching several more lessons I took a little afternoon break to go golf. It was a great course and I was having a relaxing time until a group of people jumped the fence and attempted to steal my golf partner's golf cart. We leaped in our other golf cart to follow them, really stupid, I realize looking back, and were able to retrieve our golf cart. All that was taken was the other guys phone. Upon returning to the farm we all had to walk the gallop to make sure there were no stones, uneveness, etc. They attempted to make the gallop better by putting a sand/fiber mixture down. It seems like it has helped, but we will only know tomorrow after we run up it. Off to an early night sleep for an even earlier gallop tomorrow.


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