Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Road To The AEC's by Kaylin Medlin

Kaylin Medlin, PRO Competing Member
Age 13
Charlotte, NC
Horse: Watch-Me-Now (aka) Harley - 8 year old Morgan/TB cross
Competing in Beginner Novice Junior at the AEC's

Packing day. It's finally here! I have been counting down the days since I found out I qualified and would be competing at the AEC's this year. My excitement has been building and building and I cannot wait to finally arrive at Chattahoochee Hills tomorrow. I wonder how the farm has progressed since I was there in May for the Area III Championships?

My trunk is packed and I'm getting ready to head to the barn to finish packing what I need from there. My tack will be been cleaned and polished and my gray horse Harley will be given a bath and specific instructions not to use ANY poop for pillows tonight. It's a good thing we made a trip to the tack shop today, I'm nearly out of whitening shampoo!

I've been reading all the information coming out about this being the biggest horse trial ever. I think that is amazing! I'm looking forward to being in the middle of all the excitement and to seeing some of my favorite riders there. I wonder how the U.S. and Canadian hopefuls will do? I've never been to a mandatory outing before, so the chance to see it in person is...wow! Indescribable.

Some of my favorite riders I'll be watching this weekend are: Rebecca Howard on Riddle Master, Susan Beebee on Wolf and Prowler, and Will Faudree on Pawlow. Rebecca and Will are short listed for Canada and the U.S. for WEG. I hope they both make it, but Rebecca, I'll be wearing my Canadian t-shirt just for you!

I will keep everyone posted throughout the week from the AEC's. For now, I'm off to triple check my packing list and to ride my pony before we head out at 7am tomorrow. Our drive isn't too bad, just about 5 hours from Charlotte, NC. I can't wait to see everyone and I can't wait to participate in my first, (and hopefully many, MANY more to come) American Eventing Championship!

Kaylin Medlin

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