Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Andrea Leatherman Blogs for Buck Davidson: Day One

Since I got hurt several weeks ago and still cannot ride, I am here in Georgia supporting Buck, hence we will be collaborating on his blog.

It has been extremly hot, and not only that, but very dusty! There was a lot of tension in the air Monday and Tuesday as everyone knew they had showed the selectors everything they could. All everyone could do now was sit and wait. The team was announced yesterday at lunch (which I am sure all of you know by now). Buck would have been very excited to represent the US on any of his horses since he thinks all of them are extremly talented. Reggie (Ballynoecastle RM) was ultimatly picked. This morning Buck's other short listed horses (Titanium and My Boy Bobby), along with the two other horses he had here at AECs, went back to PA. Today was easy. Most of the horses had light days, Reggie included. He just went out for a long walk before it got to hot then lightly lunged. Later tonight, again when its cool, he will be taken out again for a long walk.

All the riders had a chance to pick apart their dressage from the AEC's and find spots where they could raise their score a few more points. Tomorrow the training sessions begin starting at 8:00am and going all day. Oded Shimoni, who has been working with the short listed riders this year is coming in for flat work and of course Mark will be there as well. Only two more weeks!

~Andrea Leatherman

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