Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Tough Day: XC at Burghley by Michael Pollard

Well, today was not exactly what I had in mind. We woke up this morning, and Will was quite sore with what appeared to be a hot nail. This is unbelievable because this is exactly what happened at Luhmuhlen which forced me to withdraw. As we had more time today and it was not a full abcess, we did have time to float that side of the foot and cushion it enough that it was ok. Went and jumped fences in the warm up and Will felt really good, so we decided to start with the idea that if something didn't go well or if will didn't feel right I would pull up. We started in front of the house at burghley, and jumped one and two. As I was crossing the road to fence three, I heard what sounded like a shoe coming off. Sure enough I saw my cushioned shoe fly off, presumably because it had only a few nails to avoid the soreness. This was rather distracting coming to three, but I tried to put it behind me and at least try to jump the leaf pit. He jumped down well then sort of propped in the second stride. I was still on my line, but the prop just affected the distance. Due to the lack of shoe and the soreness on the foot I decided to pull up after a run out.

I am incredibly disappointed, but I have no excuses. I should have probably pulled around when he did the prop, or sat up more and gotten the job done. I will give it twenty-four hours before deciding what to do now, but I will certainly not be sulking for long. Ultimately, I am really happy that Will is still in good form. See you all back stateside, and I will let you know as soon as I do what might be in the future for us.

More to come - Michael

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