Saturday, September 18, 2010

Plantation Field International HT: Day Two by Lee Lee Jones

The cross country went really well today! Cadet and I made it around clear with 8.8 time penalties moving us up to sixth. The first part of the course was all down hill so he got a bit strong. The first combination was a half coffin and I felt like I got a bit ahead of him, but he was so honest. The water was also a bit tricky because the striding was a bit off. It was either a short five, or a forward four between the rails in to the table out. A lot of people were coming to the out on a half stride, which was not very forgiving. When Cadet and I came through we jumped the left side of the rails and then bended right in four strides. It ended up being a little bit long but I just pushed him forward and he was great.

In the one star Nina Ligon with Chai Thai moved up into the lead. Lizzie Snow and Pop Star held the lead in the two star. In the three star Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda moved into the lead after Colin Davidson and Kristen Bond went off course. Overall I think the courses rode really well, but they definitely caused some problems. As for Cadet and I, we are finished but the one star, two star, and three star will jump tomorrow. The picture below is a shot I got on my phone of Amy Borun and Santas Playboy. I also took a really cool photo of a rider going down the drop at the ruins.

~Lee Lee

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