Sunday, September 12, 2010

Final Day of Competition By Kaylin Medlin

Today was so much fun! I was able to watch a few of the Advanced riders on cross country today, and I had stadium jumping this afternoon. It was very hot here in Georgia, and the weather has been very dry. That's really caused some issues with the footing on cross country, but it's also caused the dust to be really bad. I think I'll be cleaning tack for a month after this!

I ended up finishing in thirtieth out of sixty-five starters. I'm very happy with that finish. My only goal was to complete the competition, so finishing in the upper half is just icing on the cake. Our rail in stadium was my fault, not Harley's. I let him barrel down to the last fence in the combination and we dropped a rail. BUT, it's OK. I'm happy with how Harley did this week and I'm excited to have competed at my very first AEC.

I was walking my course while Rebecca was doing cross country, so I didn't get to see her go. She seemed very happy with her round and Rupie was in good spirits after they were finished. I watched some of the other riders do their course today, but didn't get a chance to see as much as I had hoped. I've definitely been kept busy with everything this week. I wish I could get the whole competition on video tape so I can watch everyone's rides.

All in all this has been a great experience for us. I wouldn't change a thing other than having time to watch some of the other riders go, and to have a chance to meet some of the juniors competing.

Tomorrow we pack up to head home. Harley has Monday off and I have to start school finally. My brother and I are homeschooled so we were able to wait to start school until after the AEC's.

On my way home tomorrow, I plan on writing a longer post. There's so much I want to remember and share but I haven't had time to really get my thoughts on paper. I hope you'll read that final post. I'll let you know how Rebecca finishes up too. Thanks for reading so far! I hope you'll log in to read my final post tomorrow. For now, I'm going to B-E-D!


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