Thursday, November 4, 2010

SoCal is the Bomb by Jennie Brannigan

Greetings everyone from sunny SoCal as the competition really started today with the jog for the CCI*** all the horses were truly in good form as all the horses passed the first hurdle in a long weekend. The weather has been fairly unreal except for a fair bit of Santa Ana wind.

It's been pretty neat to be back home for the first ever CCI *** on the West Coast and I would lying say I'm not loving being back home. Nina Gardner flew in last night and she is very excited about the weekend. We ended the evening with the Calcutta party in which the three star riders were grouped in teams and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Allie Slusher, Imtiaz Anees and I were all on the same team and it was pretty awesome because we had a lot of people betting on us! Ultimately Nina Gardner won our team in battle between Galway Downs' brand new owners and her! Well Kelley Merrette, Nick Cwick and I are all getting sleepy here at Hawley Bennett's house. She is putting up a whole lot of people this weekend so a big thank you to her for that! I'll check in tomorrow!


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