Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dressage Day 2 by Nobie Cannon

Day two of dressage here at Pau. I finished morning chores as quickly as possible to get Cam ready for his 11:50 test. Joe (on time today thank goodness) took Cam out for an early morning ride while I finished up stalls and tack. Unfortunately, Camie came back a little grumpy and was a bit of a pain to get together for his test. But the show must go on so we got Cam all groomed and ready to go, complete with the super chic New Zealand “Silver Fern” stencil on his rump. I must say, Camie looked quite dazzling going around the arena and Joe did a really nice job getting him through the test. Way to go guys.

After lunch, I took Don for a long hack, as he didn’t have any competition rides today. Why yes, I have ridden at Pau :) The hacking track goes around the perimeter of part of the cross country course so I could see some of the jumps we walked yesterday. They still look really frightening. I took the rest of the afternoon to lay out all the tack and equipment the boys will need for cross country tomorrow. I admit I did have to get a tutorial on how to put on the space cowboy cross country boots that Cam and Don will be sporting tomorrow.

Finished night chores and came back to the lorry to get stud instructions from Joe, put ice boots in the freezer, and make a list of things to remember tomorrow morning. Don goes first at 10:30 tomorrow morning; I gave him a little pep talk/bedtime story at late checks tonight, let’s hope he remembers for tomorrow. Now we’re all back at the lorry while our very own Kiwi Emeril cooks for us again to his super fantastic New Zealand music. The fern was cool, the tunes, not so much.

Wish us luck tomorrow, we’ll be sporting our red and white “jumpers” so cheer Joe and the boys on from afar if you’re watching the live coverage!


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