Friday, November 5, 2010

Dressage Day at Galway by Jennie Brannigan

Well today was quite the day at Galway Downs with dressage and show jumping in full swing. I started off my day hacking Ping out and watching Livingston show jump with his new rider doing her first preliminary. I would be pretty pumped if I was her! After my warm up hack I jumped on the Ian Stark course walk which was wonderful and very informative. He also gave me some new insight to some of the xc efforts and how to ride them. Next I sat and watched about 7 episodes of Entourage in an attempt to chill out and be mellow for my dressage, which must have worked because Ping got a 46 with the help of my good friend and coach for the weekend, Nick Cwick, helping me in the warm up! I'm thrilled with Pinger and look forward to tomorrow. My teammate on my Calcutta team Allie Slusher was awesome in the three star and is sitting fourth as well. It looks like Nina Gardner has made a good investment, in our Calcutta team, at least in the dressage phase of this competition! I ended the day with a course walk with former coach, Hawley Bennett Awad, who knows my horse and myself quite well so a big thanks to her for that. Well tomorrow is a big day - I'm going to get some sleep!


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