Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Kiwi Groom's Tale by Nobie Cannon

It’s jog (“trot up” according to the New Zealanders) day here at Pau! Despite some complications in the beginning, Joe and I are getting along quite well and most of the time I can even understand what he’s telling me to do.

After breakfast and morning chores, Joe took both of his horses out for some work while I sorted out supplies necessary to make Cam presentable for the inspection. Lacking some braiding supplies, we roared off in one of the Hot Wheels-sized cars they drive here in Europe in search of the nearest supermarket. We grabbed a needle, some thread, and a baguette (when in France...) and headed back to the show grounds to get Cam ready.

After some heavy scrubbing, polishing, brushing etc. and the loss of a few pints of my blood (ridiculously sharp braiding needle) Cam was ready to roll and had a nice, sound jog. Joe gave the two another workout and I’ve spent the rest of the evening cleaning tack, reorganizing, and finishing night chores. Don goes tomorrow late morning, let’s hope I can figure out which horse is which and have him ready to go by then :)


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