Thursday, November 4, 2010

Onto the Jog at Pau by Joe Meyer

Got up to another nice morning her at Pau and decided to give both the horses a flat school before the briefing. Don is still feeling a little hot and excited but hopefully by tomorrow he will have settled down but for me whatever happens with him this week will be a good learning experience for him as it is big atmosphere here. Cam is starting to feel good, but from experience with him if I try and do all the all of the hard movements early in the week it can make him a little bit tight. As much as I want to ride him more I know that by Friday things should be fine.

There are many more people here now and the lorry park is very full. It is starting to feel much more like a real competition. The briefing at noon was uneventful. The jog here at Pau isn't until 4:30 which gave me a little time between rides for a quick walk around the back loop of the 4 star cross country course. The fences all look jumpable - which is a good sign as sometimes on the first course walk some fences look impossible.

The jog was uneventful for Cam who jogged up quite nicely aside from the sideways spook at the flowers on the way down. I am not quite sure why the photo looks like I am flashing the ground jury as I wasn't - I'm saving that move for the Sunday morning jog if need be.

Tomorrow will be busier day. Don does his dressage test at 11:29 am and I will walk both courses as well as getting in some stronger work on Cam. Should be a busy day with lots of good news to report I hope.

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