Friday, November 5, 2010

A Busy Galway Weekend by Allie Slusher

The weekend has begun and things are off to a great start with every horse passing the first trot up. My two mares are feeling great and were very fresh at the jog! I also rode a prelim horse that was fantastic in his dressage test. My student Breann Hall is in second place at her first prelim riding the famous Livingstone owned by Hawley Bennett-Awad. This evening we went to the annual Calcutta where we bid on three star teams. Jennie Brannigan, Imtiaz Anees and I are on a team together so I'm feeling really confident that our team will win! Today I would say was great start to finish! The weather has been ideal except for some Santa Ana winds. The show is running exceptionally smoothly. Robert Kellerhouse has put on another great show. This may be his most exciting show yet with it being the first CCI*** on the West Coast. I am so glad the East Coasters are here to see what we are all about over on this side of the country. The courses looks beautiful, and I know how hard everyone has worked to pull everything together. A huge thank you to everyone working this show!!! I feel like Hawley Bennett, my coach, has prepared me well and I am very excited for the rest of the weekend!

Dressage day was a success! My two star horse, Juicy Couture, is sitting first at the end of the first day! She was fantastic in her first two star test. Last Call is sitting fourth in the three star and for the first time broke into the forties! There were some other fantastic rides in the three star including Allison Springer on Arthur, Tamie Smith on her catch ride Corner Street and Jennie Brannigan on Cambalda. Since Jennie is on my Calcutta team, I am thrilled she is sitting in second place!!!! My prelim horse was great in the show jumping and my student Bre is in first riding Livingston!!

Hawley and I walked the xc tracks this afternoon. They look fantastic!! Ian Stark and Robert Kellerhouse have put on a truly fantastic show. The quality of the courses are every bit as great as anything I have seen on the East Coast. Today was another great day at Galway Downs! Tomorrow will be an early morning!! Talk to you all tomorrow!!


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