Monday, August 16, 2010

Waredaca Horse Trials - Day 2 by Courtney Cooper

Well so much for the perfect weather of Saturday, the forecast for Sunday was for scattered showers, and as anyone at Waredaca will tell you, it was hardly scattered and quite hard at times.

I had two in the novices today, one we own, Neveah a young 4-year old TB mare with a bright future, and one a sale horse, Macbeth.

Neveah did all three phases before Macbeth started, and she was super, second after the dressage with a 24.5 and then unfortunately she had a rail in show jumping as she jumped greenly over an oxer which I am not sure she saw real well given the rain at this point was coming down in torrents! Off to cross country a bunch of us went when the organizers and officials decided it might be best to put a hold on course. Luckily for 4 or 5 of us who were well drowned, soaked, and with puddles in our boots, they did let us go, and Neveah was a star jumping around boldly in the muck.

Then it was off to Macbeth who was good but not his best in dressage to receive a 36, and then he show jumped again greenly with a stop and then was very much off his game and I decided to retire him cross country. I am not sure if it was the mud, or if he does not want to play this game, so we will go home and rethink his career path....

Overall Neveah ended up finishing second and will continue to Loudon, the AEC's and then the Young Event Horse Championships at Fair Hill.

I want to also give a huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and staff at Waredaca for continuing with smiles on their faces given the weather yesterday - you were great. And to the Butts' Family, our thanks for your lovely facility, which I am sure will need much work to return it to its normal great state!

Hope your next event goes well, Courtney

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