Monday, August 30, 2010

Richland Park HT Final Day by Doug Payne

Sunday was a very good end to a great weekend at Richland Park. It was an early morning, with jogs at 7:30 I was on Running Order in the dark to help loosen him up. The jog strip was moved due to the condition of the original location. Unfortunately, the new location was less than a level surface. Running Order had a minor heel grab on Saturday, so of course on our jog back he tripped in a hole and took a few funny steps. We were held for re-inspection and passed. All was good, but being held is never fun!

Next on the agenda was Slick's XC. He was very good. It was a difficult training course. It was a perfect preliminary prep. He jumped around great and finished in 7th. He's now slated for prelim at Plantation Field just a few weeks from now.

Running Order's SJ was next. He jumped well, we had an unfortunate rail at the 2nd fence but still finished in 6th in the CIC***. Pretty damn good for his 3rd advanced, especially considering the other horses in the field! I can't say enough about how good he was this weekend.

The drive home was brutal, we didn't actually get back to the barn until 2:30am or so. Despite the drive, I'd have to say Richland will again be on the calender for next year. From here we have a few days of down time, then up to HITS in Saugraties at the end of the week for some Show Jumping. The next event on the calender is the AEC's then Plantation and Fair Hill or maybe Boekelo.

I had the helmet cam on for XC in the 3* the link is here:!


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