Saturday, August 28, 2010

Richland Park - CIC3* XC Day By Doug Payne

It was another spectacular day here at Richland Park. In general the day ran smoothly without a significant amount of trouble on course. Time was a factor, being that the scores were so close even a couple of points could make a big difference.

Running Order was nearly foot perfect for the entire round. We had one small hickup that was sorted quickly at the corner combination. He handled all of the other combinations as if he'd seen them 1000 times before. We were well within the time and moved up to 5th!

Nate is still in the lead with a clear round, Boyd is second, Selena in 3rd and Will Faudree in 4th. Tomorrow will certainly be putting everyone on edge.

We have the jogs at an obnoxiously early 7:30 tomorrow so after the competitors party not a whole lot of sleep will be had...but certainty with it in the end.


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