Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday at Waredaca HT by Courtney Cooper

So here is the blog part one...

Hello everyone, a late Friday email from Pro Executive Director Samantha Lendl finds me writing about Waredaca Horse Trials in Maryland.

Day One... I had three rides, one in the Intermediate, our first homebred, Who's A Star, aka Tag, and two sale horses in the beginner novice.

One of the things that is always a concern to most in the Mid Atlantic region in the Summer is the footing and I have to say Waredaca was blessed with torrential rain on Thursday which left the footing ideal, along with mostly overcast skies led to a perfect weather and footing day!

All three horses did dressage first and all put in good tests with Tag being fifth at this stage and the other two fourth and fifth in their division, not a bad start!

Then it was off to show jumping and cross country for the Intermediate. There were quite a lot of good horses in the division as some of the WEG short listed Canadians were there and then Sally, Boyd and Phillip also were among the usual suspects. The rails were deceptively falling in show jumping and I was super pleased with Tag for jumping a clean round as we have been working on keeping the rails up!

On cross country one of my goals was to try and really gallop away from fences and come close to time which again is always difficult, at least for me at Waredaca! I was thrilled when I came in very close to time, just one second over, and had jumped a great fun cross country course. The icing on the cake is that he won....

So then it was onto the green beans, Sport jumped first and he was clean in show jumping but then unfortunately balked a couple times going away from home since he had not been out for a while, so it gives me something to work on.

Comrade was last but certainly not least and added only one rail in stadium before going cross country. He had missed out on his cross country school for a variety of reasons and although he had seen some cross country he had never seen 30 feet of water. I chose to get his feet wet away from the flags and this took a lot of time but we got it done, presented to the water cleanly, and he was clean in jumping but had a heap of time penalties which moved him down the order.

Overall it was a great day for Tag and a learning experience for the others, two more go tomorrow, so I am off to bed....

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