Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day Two at Woodside by Tamra Smith

t was quite an eventful event for many people here at the horse park. The Advanced divsion, athough it looked bad on the results page it was alot of bad luck with riders popping off there horses by the minute. Only 2 riders left in the division show jumping tomorrow will speed things up in the ring. The track was the same as it was the last event and not really any major problems on the course. The last competition the Advanced was one of the only divisions to have everyone get around clean. I guess you just never know what is in store.
I rode both of my Preliminary horses around and was extremly pleased. A vetran at the job Gem Dandy zoomed around effortlessly, and Fleeceworks Fernhill completed her 2nd Preliminary clean and inside the time. I was so pleased with her and her progress. We are looking at competing Fernhill in the full format One-Star at Galway Downs which I'm very excited about doing since I haven't done a full format in ages!
My Intermediate horse had a stop at the first water after being a bit green and having some equipment failure. A bit disappointing.....however he jumped the rest of the course with ease and acted like he' d been doing Intermediate for years. Although I've had a few bumps in the road with him, I really feel he has such an ability to be a big time horse. My plans have changed for him and I won't be taking him to the AEC's. I'm going to be staying close to home with him and work out a few kinks in hopes to resolve our miscommunication problems. Although I was bummed to not have gone clean I was thrilled for Allie Slusher and her mare Juicy Couture moving into the lead!
Tomorrow will be the results of the PRO/AM Team competition. The Teams are very close so it will be interesting and very exciting how it all ends. I included some video footage of the course.....I'm not sure if the quality is good enough for you to see, but at least you can see the West Coast gallops on groomed tracks and not grass, which is very odd for the East Coasters to think about.....the wonderful thing about that is we never have to use studs!!!!
Hoping to end on the score I enter the ring in tomorrow. Will check back with you tomorrow evening.....

Signing off til then.......

Tamra Smith
PRO Member

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