Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hacking Out at Boekelo by Doug Payne

NJ would normally be the location, but today we're straight from Holland. This is the access road behind the trade fair and stadium for dressage and xc fences 3-5. We've had a peak at a few, but were not allowed to walk the xc until Wed.
The weather here has been beautiful. Certainly cold enough in the am (mid 40s) but then mid 60s without a cloud in sight in the afternoon.

Today was spent in search of SIM cards and chargers for everyone's phones.

The horses had leasurly walk this am through what looked exactly like the enchanted forest or maybe the Smirfs backyard. They then went out this afternoon for some long and low/ light work. In barn inspections were also completed. Packets will be ready tomorrow as will most of the competitors.

Until then...


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