Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fair Hill by Casey McKissock


I'm sitting in my friend's truck watching her feed her jack russell a gas station hot dog, must be at another event! This isn't just any event, it's Fair Hill International and I'm very excited (and nervous, of course) to be here.

I'm riding Special Blend, my own 10 year old TB gelding. You'll recognize us if you're near that dreaded tunnel. He's the one on his hind legs and I'm the one holding him pretending nothing is happening and apologizing to the innocent bystanders.

Joking aside, we had a nice ride yesterday morning before the briefing. We don't do dressage until Friday morning so I will most likely jump or do some trotting today. We try not to drill him too much before the actual test. A fit, red headed, opinionated gelding can only put up with so much ringwork. We'll save it for Friday, hopefully!

Last night was the Calcutta. The food was delicious and the auction was very entertaining. My table may not have had the deepest pockets, but we definitely had the best cheering section. Thanks to the organizers and sponsors, I hope it made a lot of money for a great cause.

Good luck to all of my fellow friends and competitors, and thanks to all of the volunteers and organizers for putting on the event. See you all out there!


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  1. GOOD LUCK...we know you and special blend will do great!!! wish we could be there to actually watch though, definitely next time!