Friday, October 15, 2010

Fair Hill Day 3 - Friday by Diana Burnett

Started it off with a nice lay in! Not much to report on today, it was a pretty slow day for us! Picked up my dressage test. You know its not that good of a test when the judges final comment is 'patient rider'.

Spent the morning watching dressage. Some of the horses got a little frisky when the wind started to pick up and the dressage rings started blowing down.

We had a course walk with David. The ground feels better since the rain. We had a little jump in the afternoon. Shaggy was feeling quite good with all the wind, tried to buck me off in the stabling as I was tightening my girth! He felt supper to jump and I'm really looking forward to getting out on the course tomorrow. He is a fairly green horse, but I believe he's up to the job at hand.
Quiet night tonight, getting up for a morning course walk.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow, as well as our riders overseas!


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