Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Blog Update by Doug Payne

Today started off with a little later wake up call, we were on by 8 for
a long walk. Running Order enjoyed his hack...the facility continues to
grow. It's really unbelievable, every time I walk to the course (5 times
now) there are more tents and activity, everywhere! I can't wait until
tomorrow...more specifically when xc is finished. I'm 4th out, so
luckily I don't have to wait around long. The ground is quite moist,
bordering on wet. We had sporadic rain today and it is again forecast
for tonight into tomorrow. Running Order is great in the rain, so I'm
hoping for as much as possible.

Tiana and Sinead went today, Tiana had a very good test putting her in
6th on a 46 and Sinead had a 55 putting her around 30th. In the Grolsch
Nations Cup we're sitting in third!

I'll send a quick note after tomorrow morning, I ride at'll be
quite early eastern.

Back again soon,


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