Friday, October 15, 2010

Fair Hill Day 2 - Thursday by Diana Burnett

I think two dressage tests got finished before the rain started! This is a good thing, as the ground could really use it.
Shags and I went out for an early morning ride. Just a light flat in the jump saddle to move around and stretch out. He was very good and enjoyed some grazing on the way back to the stable. I went and watched a couple tests. Saw Clark Montgomery put in a lovely, inspiring test.

Had my warm up with Captin Canada. He was feeling pretty good. His test, however did not reflect that! His trot and canter work was quite good. We were successful at blowing all of our walk work, in which there was a lot, therefore putting on a much higher score than I thought we would be able to produce this weekend. Such humbling creatures horses can be!

Now onto the xc. The course looks great. The jumps are beautifully built and decorated. Kudos to Derik DiGrazia and his crew. The 2 star course looks very challenging. It asks many question right from fence 4. Although fence 3 might also pose a problem with the decorative cows placed on either side, they certainly scared my dog! There are 4 water complexes and many corners. It will definitely be a chalenge for my Shaggy, but I think we are up for it. As for right now I'm excited to get out there on Saturday! From what I've heard the 3 star course is a little soft, but that is just the word around the barn. Highlight of today is the lobster and steak we just finished in the town of North East!

~ Diana

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