Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Fever and Other Things by Joe Meyer

Kia Ora
Apologies about this blog being so late. Plenty has happened since my last blog.Topliner won us our first Mini Prix and we have been to Chatahoochie and Full Gallop.Chattahochie was great as ever. The grounds and stabling are quite incredible. The slow roasted Brisket was also a real highlight for someone new to the south like me! 

Sponsor plug this month is Equilibrium
They make a fantastic range of Tri Zone boots as well as many other products. The all sport boots have been brilliant in Florida in the heat and the sand. And another favourite sponsor ECP They make the best saddle and correction pads around. Mostly in merino wool. There is a new range of Air ride pads for GP, dressage and jumping. They dry in minutes and are a must for the heat. 

Summer Training
Olympic fever is on us now. It's always an exciting build up from start to finish.
Selections as always have been controversial. The Australians have been in uproar over their team and understandably.  Resident Australians want a home grown team. Their selectors have chosen some current form and experience.  Hamish Cargill has written amusing articles about the fact. He maintains that they are down now to a bunch of Lorry drivers  The facts are.... Australia has 15 eligible combinations for the Olympic games. This is no mean feat for a nation far from the eventing Mecca of the northern hemisphere.  This depth that has been created is to be applauded. If Aus does not fire this Olympics then look out next WEG and Rio De janeiro.  America will have a strong team in Phillip, Boyd and Karen. I'm really pleased to see Will Coleman there and am apprehensive about Tiana.  My reason for this is I know the events in Europe very well and would like to see her with more consistent form. I do however understand that the Olympics is a game of 5 players. Dressage position is key and risks must be taken.  Germany and Great Britain have awesome strong teams. People talk about Micheal Jung being beatable but I will stand corrected if anyone does put one round him.  New Zealand has mustered what they can and it's not to bad either. The home grown is being saved for later and the team have been working hard.   Mark and Andrew are legends and the latter has a great horse. Jock Pagent on great form. Let's hope that he does not get overexcited in the show jumping like at Rolex. Caroline is a fantastic friend and fierce competitor. Jonelle Richards as determined a person you have ever met. I wish them all huge luck. Good luck also to my Brazilian best friend Ruy Fonseca. Also I can't quite believe the situation of Carlos Paro. He was called up to Greenwich only to find out his accreditation was not filed properly and was sent home. I can't even think of what he is feeling now.  On a personal note I'm sad I don't have horse power and form for this Olympiad but look out Rio!

I have been teaching all around the Eastern United states lately. I have made some great new friends and have some fabulous new students. Thanks to all in Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Right now I'm on my way home from Maryland. On the way up last night I was sat next to a really cool big bloke called Dan from Nashville, Tennessee. He was in the music business. Believe it or not we had lots in common,  him helping young music stars and me with riders. It was fascinating. Now I'm on the way back. I'm next to a lady with a cat! That's right her cat is in a little crate between her legs. At least he's well behaved . I dread to think what our adopted cats One Eye and Junior would do on a plane! Definitely soil themselves.  

Riding with Dad
My beautiful daughters Lexi and Vivi are here in Florida right now. It's been a great summer for  them so far. Disney world, Silver Springs water park, riding Snip and swimming at home. So pretty tough for me too! Thanks to Jen Carter in advance for what think will be a pony mad friendship between Lexi and Riley Carter.  

That all for now. I will blog again soon after the Games and will cohost  the eventing radio show with Samantha Clark then too. I'm really looking forward to that. 

I will be glued to the Tele over the next few days. Good luck again to all my friends and may the best man/ woman win. 

Harae ra 

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