Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Charlie Plumb Eventing Sweats It Out

Charlie Plumb, Lizzie Snow and Coal Creek

Hi everyone! The lack of internet connection at my apartment and trying to keep from dying of heat exhaustion has prevented any blogging on my part, but I’m making an attempt to get back in the groove of writing. I believe the last time the CDP Gang was published, it was March and we were gearing up for Southern Pines. Obviously, a ton has happened since then... so I’ll just hit the highlights! 

Charlie’s top student, Lizzie Snow, completed her first ever Advanced horse trials on her wonderful partner, Coal Creek, at Southern Pines II, a course that gave a lot of riders a lot of headaches. Lizzie then finished 10th in the Advanced division at the Fork Horse Trials, and we had a lot of fun cheering her on! She heads to Young Riders next week and we are all excited for that! Also, Ard Denzil completed his first CIC** at Chattahoochee Hills in May and finished 3rd, which was VERY fun to be a part of. Ardy is pointing towards Fair Hill this fall and has continued to grow throughout the summer, now resembling the mammoths in the Mammoth and Mastadon exhibit that I attended in Huntsville, Alabama.  I’m not entirely convinced there wasn’t a mammoth in his bloodlines like, way back. The resemblance is unsettling. I don’t know how mammoths jumped, though. It may be worth researching.

Hayley Smith and Charlie in the Vet Box
Our co-barn manager, Hayley Smith, completed her first CIC* (also at Chattahoochee) on Anne Hennessey’s old campaigner, Benwald. Chatt Hills is one of our absolute favorite venues and we always look forward to going there. Speaking of favorite venues, this year was my first time at The Fork and I think my favorite part (I’m sure Hayley would agree) was getting to be neighbors with the Michael Pollard crew and playing with their dogs. You guys probably don’t even remember us, but you are amazing neighbors and we miss Sophie!

Since then we’ve stayed home in Southern Pines, roasted, and complained a lot about the heat. Sportsfield Wildcat has started his career in the USA with two Novice schooling horse trials early in the summer, and we are excited to take him on the road this fall! Hope you all are staying cool and enjoying your summers! See you on the road!

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