Thursday, March 15, 2012

The CDP Stables Gang by Ryan Smith

First of all, I’d just like to say thank you to Samantha from PRO for the opportunity to blog a little bit and also whoever is taking the time to actually read it. You rock!

Technically, this is Charlie (Plumb’s) blog, but since his typing skills are…not as good as mine, I will have to take his place. A little about us: we are a semi-private eventing facility in Southern Pines, NC; we have 13 horses at this time (11 of which are competition horses), and if the word “family” could ever apply to a work team, it applies to us. We are a close-knit group and have more inside jokes than we could ever explain. You’ll usually find us listening to “Shots” at full volume before cross-country or pointing out stains on each others’ breeches. Yes, we are sometimes “those people” in restaurants that you just want to smack because we’re causing so much commotion, but we’re really quite a good time! I promise!

So March is halfway through and we have now gone to three USEA horse trials this season (Pine Top I and II, Southern Pines I). The boys have all been super (we have a barn full of testosterone). Our “star of the show” would have to be Ard Denzil, a 6 y/o dark bay ISH gelding owned by George and Dianne Lucas. Ardy (also fondly referred to as Lardy due to his eating habits) completed his first Intermediate at Pine Top II without taking a deep breath and showed us that our season with him could be pretty darn special. Revere Road also competed in the Intermediate there and both will be in action next weekend at Southern Pines II.

We are also super excited about our newest addition, a 5 y/o bay ISH gelding named Sportsfield Wildcat (aka Edward). Edward has had some very special adventures since he landed in the USA, including jumping out of his paddock on the first day of turnout, mounting my sister Hayley in the aisleway, and casually letting himself out of his stall when he pleases. We’re really thrilled to have him and can’t wait for him to start competing. Coincidentally, one of Charlie’s top students, Lizzie Snow, imported an ISH at the same time and named him Jacob. We’re taking applications now for Team Jacob and Team Edward…don’t miss out. T-shirts will be involved.

                                                      Sportsfield Wildcat aka Edward

I hope everyone else is enjoying the gorgeous spring weather as much as we are. Hopefully we will see some of you at SP II next weekend! Best of luck with whatever your next event is, and thanks for reading!

Ryan Smith, CDP Stables Barn Manager, is the technical wizard behind the blog and will be giving voice to Charlie Plumb, Lizzie Snow and the rest of the gang throughout the year.

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