Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 PRO Tour Series - Southern Pines Day 2

Tremaine Cooper's cross country courses definitely took a bite out of competitiors in the early going of the Intermediate and Advanced divisions at Southern Pines with both water complexes proving tricky. After a slew of falls at the Duck Pond, fence 11, on the Intermediate course the fence was removed but not before both Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin got a chance for an early morning swim along with several other riders.

The third element, the bank to the skinny out of the large water complex on the advanced course for a time seemed confusing to horses who just seemed unable to read the question well. But riders soon figured out that a really forward aggressive ride was absolutely necessary to negotiate the questions involved. In Advanced-A Michael Pollard had a super ride all the way around on Jude's Law and remains as the overnight leader with Holly Payne and Madeline moving into second after the little mare took on the robust course and didn't let it bother her in the slightest. Sadly, she studded herself and will not be able to continue on for show jumping. Advanced-B leader Clark Montgomery continued a marvelous run with Loughan Glen that seemed almost effortless at times. This pair really is a combination for the future. Will Faudree has a rough morning on his early rides but gave Pawlow a very positive ride to negotiate all aspects of the course well and stands in second place going into the final phase.

Arden and Il Vici
Young Rider Arden Wildasin, won $1,000 in bonus contingency money the SSG " Go Low For The Dough" promotion on her horse IL Vici in the intemediate division wearing her SSG Eventer gloves. She was super excited to win and thought her horse was just amazing today. With no riders inside the time in the Advanced division the SSG bonus contigency money will rollover and increase to $1,500 for Sunday's final Advanced show jumoing round.

Southern Pines also welcomed a large crew of Operation Homefront families from nearby Fort Bragg. The added to the atmosphere, cheering on horse and riders cross country and later came to meet riders and horses in stabling. Thanks to Boyd Martin, Clark Montgomery and Sinead Halpin and super groom Lindsey Taylor for being part of the fun!

Lindsey with Remmington and Friends!
Riders with some of the Fort Bragg Crowd
Sunday's schedule includes the Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced show jumping rounds with the additional entertainment of a parade of local hounds and the PRO Race & Ride Relay featuring riders racing on stick horses and relaying off to juniors who will jump a course. The teams were autioned off last night at the Britches & Bling Party and $2,000 was raised in support of Operation Homefront North Carolina!

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