Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Transplanted Aussie - Kadi Eykamp

Hello! I'm Kadi Eykamp and this is my first blog for PRO so here is a short and sweet intro. I’m based in Dallas Fort Worth in Texas since October 2010. Before that I was in New Jersey but Australia is were I was born and bred. Right now I’m in Ocala for the winter shows with both mine and clients horses. 

The big goal this year is to run at Rolex with Double Rivers Dillon. Dillon is a 10 year old TB that I’ve had for 2 years. We have just been put on the Shadow list for London so I’m very proud of this horse. He was training level when I got him so is still very new to the advanced level. For me I would describe him as a classic thoroughbred. A type that would be at home in the old long format, but is looking very capable of the modern sport!

I just watched the dvd ‘Riding for America’ the other night- it covers the 1982 Rolex. Man-O-Man!! In this super video the cross country is true grit!  Remembering the fitness and cross country jumps from the old format reminds me of the enormity of work and training that went into producing horses and ultimately producing horsemen and woman in the process was unavoidable.

I remember preparing for my first 3DE in Queensland Australia in 1985. I got up from my four girl dormitory to start  my trot work by 6 AM and went for 6 kilometers on my horse every morning, required in my 13 week schedule, before breakfast at 7:40 AM and classes at 8:20 AM.  I would get to go out on unpaved roads outside the school grounds, which was very much against the usual rules of my school as we weren’t allowed out alone. Anyway, I remember one morning I went a slightly longer way but took a wrong turn and ended up trotting 12 kilometers, and thought I’d be in huge trouble and possibly suspended for not being at breakfast. To my amazement my absence wasn’t noticed as it was exam time tabling instead of normal classes and I had none that morning. 

My horse was perfectly fit for his first 3DE and we finished 5th.  What I remember about the long format was the seriousness and considerable time it took to reach this fitness. Having not run at 4 star level since 2005, I guess my biggest worry is making sure Dillon is fit enough!   I hope everyone’s Rolex fitness is coming together as planned.

Cheers Kadi

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