Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Molly Rosin: A Mighty Ball of Energy

Hello PRO readers! I’m excited to get to share some stories about my horses and my program with you guys in some up-coming PRO blog’s.

My name is Molly Rosin and I run Havarah Equestrian.  “Different” name I know! I started this equestrian business many years ago when I was managing one farm but traveling back home to teach lessons and giving clinics at various facilities.  My students have always been an important part of my life- they are all very special people then and now.  Through brain storming with a great friend of mine, Jennie Blake, we came up with the name Havarah – a Yiddish word meaning family.  It made so much sense – my clients have always been like family, I love it that way and intend to keep it that way!

Currently Havarah Equestrian trains out of a farm in Kirkwood, PA –April though January and then we head to Aiken, SC for February and March.  The Hulmes own our main farm, Principia Stables (meaning “new beginnings”) - The Hulmes are originally from England and the atmosphere in Kirkwood reminded them of home, it just all fell into place so well.

Many of you may know me best by my most famous horse - Havarah’s Charly. This horse was absolutely amazing-probably one of the most talented horses around.  Charly has a personality all of his own and was a true competitor - he LOVED shows. Charly took me through the 3 star level and will always have a home with me.  I’d like to let Charly find himself a temporary job as a dressage horse so he can go shine for a few more years, but I have officially retired him from eventing.

This last year has been all about developing- I’ve had a few very cool horses find me and together we have made some great progress in a short amount of time.  My current competition list includes - Sarbrina, aka Wonder Woman, Puttin on the Ritz aka Benny, Rivan and The Diesel Boy aka Baby Leto.  Sabrina is heading towards some 2 stars this year while Benny and Rivan will get more solid at the Preliminary level with possible move ups later on in the year. Leto will be heading towards the 5 year old YEH classes as well as some training level events.

Sabrina (Top) Rivan (Middle) and Puttin On The Ritz (Bottom)

Besides getting to compete and train the above horses me and my girls stay very busy. I’m a matchmaker at heart and so lately I’ve taken great pride in helping good horses find good riders. It’s been a highlight of my business.  I would never call myself a horse trader - I’m far too picky about ensuring the horses go to just the right people.  After all these horses become part of my family while they are with us! I’m super excited about all the up-coming events that I’ll be riding and coaching at.  If you see me or any of my Havarah riders please come say hi!  Please watch for up-coming blogs about myself and the  Havarah Equestrian crew!

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