Monday, June 28, 2010

PRO/AM Team Competition @ Surefire Farm on Sunday

“Angelica Run Eventing” (Krisie Southern, Erin Murphy, Connor Husain, and Skyeler Icke)

This weekend Surefire Horse Trials introduced us all to a fabulous new element of competition by adding the PRO/AM teams to the already action packed horse trials. Three of my students put together our Angelica Run Eventing team and asked if my young preliminary horse Argento and I would participate. While they already ride with me at my farm, the team competition was a fun and exciting way for them to come together and handle the pressure of their very first Preliminary Horse Trials. All three of them were new to the level and enjoyed the opportunity to not only place as individuals, but to gain recognition together as a team. Eventing is a sport that is predominantly focused around individual placings other than the highly recognized Young Riders Teams or International Teams. “What we loved is that the PRO/AM competition gave us amateurs the chance to experience the sport in a team atmosphere at any level.” Krisie Southern. All the horses on our team jumped around clean with just a few time penalties giving us many reasons to celebrate. While we don’t know our final team placings, because we were the morning riders, all of the Surefire staff made the entire process worthwhile by taking team pictures and giving out hats, posters, and offering many prizes. I hope that the PRO/AM teams continue as there was nothing but positive feedback and good times.

-Skyeler Icke (

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