Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Martin Collins CLOPF® Fiber

Martin Collins CLOPF® Fiber is a cost effective performance fiber to improve existing sand surfaces. Available as a stand-alone product CLOPF® fiber can significantly enhance sand or sand/mix footings without incurring the expense of an all-new product.

This is a fiber that assists in building a ‘root structure’ with the sand or sand/mix, thereby providing more stability and energy return to the limbs of the horse.  Correctly maintained, the horses will work more on top of the surface rather than “through” it.  CLOPF® also has an excellent moisture retention property.

Clopf® Fiber has been in the worldwide market place since 2000 with significant installations in the UK, Europe and South Africa.  Clopf® achieved World Cup Status upon being installed in Leipzig for the 2011 Finals and was first introduced into the US market in 2005.

Clients using CLOPF® fiber in the U.S. include:
* FL – Arlene (Tuny) Page, Rodrigo Pessoa Double H Farm, TEquestrian Farm, Dr. Alex Rey, Tim Gredley, Diamante Farm, Mikala Gunderson
* KY – Kathy Priest, Hampton Farms
* MA – The Ark
* MD – Toni Herbert
* TX – Guy Hodgson
* VA – Stonehall Farm

Worldwide CLOPF® clients include:

* UK - Nick Skelton, Lucinda and Clayton Fredericks, Laura Bechtolsheimer, (UK Olympic Dressage Team Gold, London 2012)
* Spanish Riding School, Austria
* Stal Tops, Valkenswaard, Holland


Laura Bechtolsheimer:
“A good quality surface is hugely important when you are riding and training top class dressage horses. We train on a Martin Collins’ surface at home, and to compete at a venue on a Martin Collins’ surface is fantastic….”

Kathy Priest:
“Except for watering it is less maintenance,” she raves. “The horses go great over it and I have had no training injuries using this surface.”

Clayton Fredericks:
"Having installed our MC Ecotrack® lunge surface we have been impressed by the security and confidence it gives our horses. We have also added the special Clopf® fibre to our arena and have been delighted with the improvement in stability and spring. Both Cinda and I firmly believe that the surfaces have contributed to our success!"

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