Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Can't Steal Second and Keep Your Foot On First by Lauren Lambert

Barn at Greenhill Farm

Like a plot to any great story, there's an exciting stage of rising action that leads to a climatic event. But after the climax, things begin to get back to normal and life goes on.  Florida was an epic adventure, and the climax was followed by a huge falling action.  In fact, it felt like running full speed into a brick wall upon returning home. I wasn't sure what my plan was, or really even my purpose- the dream situation didn't pan out, and plan B hadn't been thought through.  It drove me to actually take a few days off, a type of mental health leave.  A day or two after being home, I called up Mom and expressed my feelings- and just like any good Mom, she knew what I was going on when I couldn't begin to explain.  "Post-travel Depression" she explained in only a way Martha could, yet she was uncharacteristically  sympathetic, and brought a smile to my face.  "Just wait until you complete your first 4*, or worse, have a baby!".  It was a relieving conversation, and I got a grasp on myself and began to make something happen.     
Slowly, it seems, over the past month things have started to fall into place- I have rented my own barn just next door to my mother's operation in Goshen, Kentucky to provide some space for growth of a seedling business, L.M. Lambert Equestrian, LLC.  Welcome to sleepless nights filled with conflicts of the mind firing ideas, concerns, questioning every little thing, and did I mention financial worries?  But as Frederick B. Wilcox said, "Progress always involves risks.  You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."

So I've taken a whopping $1,500 (from a timely insurance claim check) and thrown it whole-heartedly into my own business.  I believe I can make it, and the good news, there are some really special people around me who want to see me succeed.  Without the guidance and support of a very close group of people like my mother and father, Sally Abell, Ann Banks, Alex Gerding and the best boyfriend, Drew, all of this would not be possible.  And to a great group of sponsors Hallway Feeds, Equithrive,  D.A. Stubbs Woodcrafting- I am very thankful for your support.

While the business side of things are rolling, there is something very interesting that is going on on the riding side; After working for show jumper Derek Braun for a year and spending some quality time in David O'Connor's arena this winter, a rider has been brought out in me that actually surprises me at times!  It's great to feel confident on any shape, size and sensitivity level, and to get on and jump anything and feel confident, ride accurately, and be sure about my riding is a very amazing feeling.  I'm certainly not perfect by any means!  But it feels so good to be on the right track.  Years of learning and dedication... and many years of learning and experience yet to come.  

We will begin the summer show season in Kentucky with Maze Daze at the Kentucky Horse Park the end of this month.  It has been a month since our last competition (which was necessary to allow some regrouping time!) but I am chomping at the bit, and looking forward to taking Sally Abell's Honour Mission up to Preliminary.  This horse has been a tough egg to crack, but things really clicked by our last outing at Chatt Hills and a bond has formed.  Lil' Birnie will be prepping for his novice debut, and I am excited to be helping a friend, Callie Linden, keep her horse, Hickory Smoke, going while she finishes up med. school at the University of Louisville.  My favorite little Opera Ghost sustained an injury in Florida.  He is recovering nicely and I cannot wait to have his mischievous little butt back in my barn!   The action is beginning to rise here as the summer creeps in...  Here's to a great last chapter, and high hopes that the next one's even better!

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