Friday, April 29, 2011

Dressage Day 1 By Kaylin Medlin

The day started off calm but a bit chilly. Thankfully no more crazy weather like we had yesterday!

From what I hear, everyone had a great dressage test. I didn't get to watch much dressage today, because even though Susan doesn't go till tomorrow, there's still lots of work to be done. I'm still so excited and thankful that Susan asked me to come and groom for her. It is such a great learning experience for me and lots of fun too.

This afternoon I was able to walk the cross country course with Susan. These jumps look gigantic compared to my training height fences, but look like they're a lot of fun. All the rain has made the course messy in some places. The coffin was a bit flooded and a few places had puddles. Other than that, the course looks amazing!

Tomorrow Susan does her dressage test at 11:39. I can't wait to sit in the groom box and watch her test. Tomorrow morning will be very busy for us to get everything ready and to get Prowler cleaned up and ready to go put in an amazing test.

It's late, so for now I will sign off and I look forward to filling you all in tomorrow about my very first time grooming for a dressage test at Rolex.

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