Thursday, July 22, 2010


They don't call Montana "Big Sky" for nothing...

I'm not sure if any of us from the east coast are going to go home! This state is magnificent. The panoramic view is impossible to capture on camera. Even the horses stop and look around! Yesterday we went white water rafting, which was a good work out and we got a good icing with the glacier water. Sharon White and I jumped in during a calm part of the route and my feet were numb for an hour after we got off the river! The water was 46 degrees--refreshing to say the least!
It's hard to write much about the horses because we're basically vacationing out here, but my two are working-in quite well. They are feeling pretty fresh in the mornings with the temperature difference (about 40 degrees warmer in VA in the AM) but the sun quickly warms us up and the breeze is excellent.
Today David arrived and Karen and I had a quick jump school. The horses truly jump great on the soft, almost springy footing. We're looking forward to the jog tomorrow starting at 8am (Montana time:) and then I do dressage on Harbor Pilot in the Preliminary Three-Day at 5pm.

More soon...enjoy the pictures!!


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